MYHA Families,

We are always looking for ways to grow hockey in our area, but unfortunately a major part of our game is suffering and in need of our assistance. Currently, we are experiencing a shortage of referees in our area. We all know that a major reason for this is because of the behavior of some spectators and coaches. Here at MYHA we pride ourselves on being the premier place for hockey in the Hudson Valley so I am reminding all of our players, parents, coaches, and spectators that any mistreatment of officials by anyone will not be tolerated by MYHA. While I know that MYHA is not part of the problem I would like us to be part of the solution.

Keeping this in mind, one of the greatest ways our players and parents can help grow our program is by becoming a referee. When I was in youth hockey, being a referee was one of the greatest part-time jobs I ever had. I made good money while doing what I loved and increased my overall knowledge of the game.

If you are 14 years old (14 by 02/2023) or older and you are looking to make some good money, get more skating time, and increase your overall knowledge of the game please sign up on the USA Hockey website for one of the following referee seminars.

Thank you,

Mike Darragh

President MYHA