Covid-19 FAQ

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What do I need to do before attending a Millbrook clinic, practice, or tryout?

In order to keep all of our players, coaches, and parents safe, MYHA is requiring all families to fill out our Covid-19 Health Screening Form and Waiver .  By filling out and submitting this form, you are agreeing that your child has passed the health screening every time you RSVP "yes" to a Millbrook event.  Players will not be allowed on the ice without RSVPing on the website via the "attendance" tab on the page for your team (or clicking the link in the email).

How will my child progress at MYHA if NY is not playing games right now?

USA Hockey's American Development Model states that a 3:1 practice to game ratio is key for skill building and player development.  Unfortunately the reality of a typical season for most programs results in 1:1 ratio.  This season gives us an opportunity to have more development, puck touches, and conditioning, while simultaneously following guidelines to keep our players and families safe. 

We fully expect that NY will allow us to play games in the upcoming months, and we will get back to competitive games as soon as possible.

What precautions are being taken at the rink?

Each rink has their own rules that need to be followed.  Currently our clinics, practices, and tryouts are at Ice Time Sports Complex whose operating procedures can be found here.

Note: the rules have loosened a little since their rules were published.  Parents are allowed to watch and will be assigned a seat in the bleachers.  Players do need to enter the building dressed, but hockey bags are allowed inside (to carry skates, helmet, gloves).

Please fill out the Ice Time Covid-19 Waiver before each event at Ice Time.

When will Mid Hudson Civic Center and Millbrook School be open?

Currently neither rink is able to commit to an opening date, but both expect to be renting ice to us at some point during this season.

Why are we allowed to play games out of state but not in NY?

Once a team has a USA Hockey roster, we are to follow the rules of the location where the games are being played.  NY has not cleared high risk sports for playing games, but other states have.

When will we be able to play games in NY?

As soon as the Governor approves high risk sports we will schedule games asap.

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